A Ministry Update from the De Blauw's


Happy 2015 from the De Blauw family! What a joy we have in Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith! (Hebrews 12:1-2)

First off, thank you to all who helped us meet the 2014 goal of raising 50% of our month-to-month pledges. We’re now at 52%! We thank the Lord for this affirmation and are grateful to our team of supporters.

We recently received word from our Team Leader in Lyon, Mike DiGena, that one of the gentleman Garrett had multiple, in-depth, spiritual conversations with while in France, has committed his life to the Lord! We are filled with joy at this news and honored to play a small part in this man’s life.

Here is what 2015 looks like for us as we prepare for missions in Lyon:

Working to reach 100% of our month-to-month support by June 2015Meeting with potential ministry partners/supporters, both individuals and churchesTaking 2 classes, Perspectives: On The World Christian Movement and another called Pre-Field Training OnlineAttending the 9 day Pre-Field Live training in Minnesota this AprilLord willing, moving to France this June and beginning our French language immersion schoolWe are living in this “now but not yet” reality as we work to raise support for this mission to share Christ’s salvation with the people of Lyon, France. It can be challenging in this in-between stage, not settled in our home country yet not deployed to our target city, Lyon. In spite of this, we are encouraged by the Holy Spirit to live each day seeking/serving Him… “Who or what does the Lord have for us this day?”

If you would like more information about the De Blauw's ministry please CLICK HERE.





On December 7th, after both services, the patio will be filled with 25 of the different mission ministries of Grace Fellowship Church. We hope that you will hang around after the service and participate in three ways, Serve / Shop / Give.

Serve: Each ministry will have tangible ways to get involved with their organization in the next year. Please talk to the ministry facilitators and find out what fits best with you.

Shop: Many if not all of the ministries will have items to purchase that you can buy for yourself or give as Christmas gifts. Start your shopping December 7th!

Give: Give direct donations to each ministry or write one big check to Grace at our ticket counter and Grace will give you tickets in $5, $10, $20 increments that you can spread around to all your favorite tables. This year experience the gift of giving.

PRESALE: You can pre-purchase Grace Gives Tickets online by clicking HERE (click on Register Here and choose Donate to Scholarships) and then just pick up your tickets on the day of the event. If you want to pre-order tickets in person, there will be a table on the patio this Sunday, 11/23 and the following Sunday, 11/30. Tickets purchased online or prior to the 7th will then be held and can be picked up at will call on the 7th.

We are so excited to have the Bazaar back, and the different ministry facilitators have been working harder than ever to make this a giant success again this year.




Join us for lunch at Grace on November 12th @ 11:45am. Cristina Voskian will be our featured speaker. She joined Elam in 2005 and has been traveling to Iran ever since helping organize ministry conferences, and encouraging and equipping men and women to share the gospel in Iran. At the luncheon, Cristina will be specifically sharing how God is using the women in Iran, who are wanting to spread the word of God in Iran.





Axios is a small group discipleship ministry that meets throughout the school year. Groups form in September and meet through May. Inspired by the Apostle Paul's words in Ephesians, Axios seeks to encourage men to "lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God". Axios provides biblical studies for men to independently invest in during the week and then gather in small groups each Friday morning from 7:00 to 8:15 to discuss the study and support and encourage one another to be faithful followers of Christ. If you are interested in joining an Axios group sign up on line. CLICK HERE to register. For more information please contact Mark Page at mpage@gracefellowshipchurch.org.


Donna and Emily Toberty's El Salvador Trip


Our trip to El Salvador in June with the Young Women of Vision was amazing. We arrived at the Sus Hijos Mission House with 32 duffle bags each weighing 50 pounds that were full of dresses, shoes, and make-up and hygiene kits. 

Our first two full days were spent visiting three orphanages and telling the girls about the Quinceneara and fitting them for dresses. They were very excited as many of them have never even celebrated one birthday let alone ever thought they would celebrate their Quinceneara. While at each orphanage we were able to pray with the girls and share the love of Christ. For some this was difficult because they have been through horrendous situations of abuse, teen pregnancy or abandonment. Many wept as they prayed while others laughed as they picked out their dresses and shoes and each of the 80+ girls found the perfect pair.

The day of the Quinceneara, was so very moving. We arrived early at the Holiday Inn to set up and the girls arrived and they were taken upstairs to change into their dresses. They came downstairs to have their hair and make-up done and get their nails polished. They were then ushered over to the 18 foot table that displayed all the donated jewelry that we brought and were able to pick 3 items each to wear and take home. To start the party off, each girl was personally escorted into the ballroom and announced as she entered. They looked and felt like princesses!

The dinner included a speech from the Vice-President’s wife, who attended with the First Lady of the country and a famous singing artist. Then dinner was served and the dancing began. We danced for a few hours and enjoyed the Samba Band and when the girls left, they were given World Vision Hygiene Kits and a hug from each of us. Kurt Ackermann, the missionary at Sus Hijos, was asked by the First Lady to begin to put together a Spiritual Development Plan for all of the government run orphanages in El Salvador. This was a surprise and a task he knows is from God. The next day we went back to one of the orphanages to show the girls the photos and they were so thrilled. It was really great to watch their faces as they relived the night.

We were also able to visit a Special Needs orphanage one day and play with the children, have a time of arts and crafts, and help with the lunchtime feeding. The group then went out to continue work on a kitchen and bath addition to a home that was built by the teams last summer for the Hernandez Family. They lost their oldest son to brain cancer late last year. Some of the team members had taken pictures and a video of him last summer and brought the pictures with them and gave them to the Hernandez’s. They quickly hung them up in their home.
Thank you for your generous donations. We really appreciate it.
Donna and Emily Toberty


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