About Us

Grace in Our Lives

Our fundamental conviction is that God’s grace has been poured out on us in ways that we do not deserve and can never repay. The gospel is truly good news! Included in this good news are these core realities:

God’s Saving Grace

God’s gift of salvation is received by grace through faith. It is God’s free gift to us that cannot be earned in any way and is simply received by faith.

Christ’s Sacrificial Death

God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died for our sins and bodily rose from the dead. Through faith in His death and resurrection, we receive complete forgiveness and total reconciliation with God.

The Gift of the Spirit

God gives His Holy Spirit to His people. The Holy Spirit gives us new spiritual life, guides us daily, and empowers us to live as God desires.

The Hope of Glory

At Christ’s return we will receive resurrection bodies and spend eternity with Him in the new heavens and new earth. This is our great and final hope.

Our Response To Grace

In response to God’s grace, we seek to live according to the following values. While we have a lot of growing to do, these values represent who we hope to be and who we trust we are becoming by God’s grace.