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Title Scripture Speaker Date Audio Notes
For the Honor of Your Name Mark Page Sep 4, 2005 Play N/A
Father The Time Has Come John 17 Dave Gundlach Aug 28, 2005 Play N/A
In This World You Will Have Trouble John 15-16 Dave Gundlach Aug 21, 2005 Play N/A
I Am the Vine You Are the Branches John 15 Dave Gundlach Aug 14, 2005 Play N/A
That You May Be Where I Am John 14 Dave Gundlach Aug 7, 2005 Play N/A
Filled with the Spirit Ephesians 5:18 Scott Carpenter Jul 31, 2005 Play N/A
Bearing Fruit and Growing Colossians 1 Clarke Brogger Jul 24, 2005 Play N/A
Discovering the Meaning of Love 1 Corinthians 13 Bill Beck Jul 17, 2005 Play N/A
Love and Death for Beginners 1 Thessalonians 4 Daniel Gehman Jul 10, 2005 Play N/A
Glenn Parish Jul 3, 2005 Play N/A
Unless a Grain of Wheat Falls and Dies John 12 Dave Gundlach Jun 26, 2005 Play N/A
I Am The Resurrection And The Life John 11 Dave Gundlach Jun 19, 2005 Play N/A
I Am The Good Shepherd John 10 Dave Gundlach Jun 12, 2005 Play N/A
I Was Blind But Now I See John 9 Dave Gundlach Jun 5, 2005 Play N/A
Deuteronomy and Manna Deuteronomy 8 Earle Craig May 29, 2005 Play N/A
Numbers, Balaam, and Phinehas Numbers 22-25 Earle Craig May 22, 2005 Play N/A
Leviticus and Goats Leviticus 16 Earle Craig May 15, 2005 Play N/A
Exodus, Moses, and Mom Exodus 3 Earle Craig May 8, 2005 Play N/A
Genesis and Joseph Genesis 37 Earle Craig May 1, 2005 Play N/A
A Cure For Worry Bill Beck Apr 24, 2005 Play N/A
Before Abraham Was, I Am John 8 Dave Gundlach Apr 17, 2005 Play N/A
I Am the Light of the World John 7 Dave Gundlach Apr 10, 2005 Play N/A
I Am the Bread of Life John 6 Dave Gundlach Apr 3, 2005 Play N/A
Do Not Be Afraid Revelation 1:9-20 Dave Gundlach Mar 27, 2005 Play N/A
A World of Children Daniel Watts Mar 20, 2005 Play N/A