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Title Scripture Speaker Date Audio Notes
She Is More Righteous Than I Genesis 38 Dave Gundlach Aug 26, 2007 Play N/A
Let Us Go Up to Bethel Genesis 34-35 Dave Gundlach Aug 19, 2007 Play N/A
Jacob Wrestled with God Genesis 32-33 Dave Gundlach Aug 12, 2007 Play N/A
Great Is Thy Faithfulness Aug 5, 2007 Play N/A
Right, Wrong, or Different Romans 14 Rick Langer Jul 29, 2007 Play N/A
The Shema and the Christ: Worshipping Jesus as the Son of God Matthew 26:59-66; 28:16-20 Scott Carpenter Jul 22, 2007 Play N/A
God Saw My Affliction Genesis 29-31 Dave Gundlach Jul 15, 2007 Play N/A
Behold, I Am with You Genesis 28 Dave Gundlach Jul 8, 2007 Play N/A
The Older Will Serve the Younger Genesis 25-27 Dave Gundlach Jul 1, 2007 Play N/A
The Obedience of Faith Genesis 12-22 Dave Gundlach Jun 24, 2007 Play N/A
Take Your Only Son and Offer Him Genesis 22 Dave Gundlach Jun 17, 2007 Play N/A
Christ Our Goal Philippians 3:4-14 Moffat Zimba Jun 10, 2007 Play N/A
Lot Settles Among the Cities of the Valley Genesis 13-19 Dave Gundlach Jun 3, 2007 Play N/A
Hopin' n' Groanin' Romans 8 Daniel Gehman May 27, 2007 Play N/A
Guilt and the Neurotic Christian Isaiah 6:1-8 Todd Pickett May 20, 2007 Play N/A
Abram Listened to the Voice of Sarai Genesis 16 Dave Gundlach May 13, 2007 Play N/A
The Lord Made a Covenant with Abram Genesis 15 Dave Gundlach May 6, 2007 Play N/A
Your Work Is Your Altar Colossians 3:23-34 Scott Rae Apr 29, 2007 Play N/A
In You All Families Will Be Blessed Genesis 12:1-3 Dave Gundlach Apr 22, 2007 Play N/A
You Will Be a Blessing Genesis 11:27-12:9 Dave Gundlach Apr 15, 2007 Play N/A
Christ, the Last Adam Romans 5:12-21 Dave Gundlach Apr 8, 2007 Play N/A
Messiah in the Passover Passover Larry Feldman Apr 1, 2007 Play N/A
Noah Walked With God Genesis 6-9 Dave Gundlach Mar 25, 2007 Play N/A
The Most Excellent Way 1 Corinthians 13 Glenn Parish Mar 18, 2007 Play N/A
Come To Me Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30 Moffat Zimba Mar 11, 2007 Play N/A