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Title Scripture Speaker Date Audio Notes
We Had to Celebrate Luke 15:11-32 Dave Gundlach Mar 30, 2014 Play Download
Who Do You Say I Am Matthew 16:13-28 Dave Gundlach Mar 23, 2014 Play Download
Unfamiliar Passions of God Isaiah 1:17 Gary Haugen Mar 16, 2014 Play Download
I Am The Bread of Life John 6 Dave Gundlach Mar 9, 2014 Play Download
Lord of the Sabbath Matthew 12:1-14 Daniel Watts Mar 2, 2014 Play Download
He Who Has Ears to Hear Matthew 13:1-23 Dave Gundlach Feb 23, 2014 Play Download
You Will Find Rest For Your Souls Matthew 11:25-30 Dave Gundlach Feb 16, 2014 Play Download
Seek First His Kingdom Matthew 6:25-34 Dave Gundlach Feb 9, 2014 Play Download
Jesus Revealed His Glory John 2:1-11 Dave Gundlach Feb 2, 2014 Play Download
Living for a Cause Philippians 1:1-20 Brett Kunkle Jan 26, 2014 Play Download
A Practical Theology of Work Genesis 2:15 Brian Christie Jan 19, 2014 Play Download
I Will Make You Fishers of Men Matthew 4:18-22 Dave Gundlach Jan 12, 2014 Not Online Download
Jesus Came to be Baptized Matthew 3:1-17 Dave Gundlach Jan 5, 2014 Play Download
A Prayer for the People Colossians 1:9-12 Dave G. Gundlach Dec 29, 2013 Play N/A
Immanuel: God With Us Matthew 1:18-25 Dave Gundlach Dec 22, 2013 Play N/A
Give Him the Name Jesus Matthew 1:18-25 Dave Gundlach Dec 15, 2013 Play Download
Thanksgiving and Deep Gratitude Hebrews 4:14-16 Adrian De Visser Dec 8, 2013 Play Download
Thanksgiving Service Psalm 100 Congregation Dec 1, 2013 Not Online Download
Greet One Another Romans 16 Dave Gundlach Nov 24, 2013 Play Download
Principle of Active Love Romans 13:8-10 Moffat Zimbaa Nov 17, 2013 Play Download
I Boast in Christ Jesus Romans 15:14-24 Dave Gundlach Nov 10, 2013 Play Download
Accept One Another Romans 14 Dave Gundlach Nov 3, 2013 Play Download
Jesus' First Last Days Matthew 26:36-46 Daniel Gehman Oct 27, 2013 Play Download
Wake From Your Slumber Romans 13:8-14 Dave Gundlach Oct 20, 2013 Play Download
Submit To The Governing Authorities Romans 13:1-7 Dave Gundlach Oct 13, 2013 Play Download