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Global Outreach

Christ Life Ministries

Founded by Mulenga Chella, Christ Life Church has grown to a weekly attendance of 1,000 people and exists to transform lives for Jesus Christ. The Church’s ministries include a kindergarten and daily meals for 30 vulnerable children. Chainda Center provides a safe place for 200 kids in the middle of the slum and provides food, education, tailoring classes and literacy classes for adults. Those impacted by the ministry are too many to count.  A generous offer has been made that all gifts up to $5,000 will be matched.

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Cru – Jesus Film

Did you know that everyday, an average of one million people all over the world hear and see the Gospel through a 40 year old film called Jesus? Dubbed into more than 1,900 languages the “Jesus” film is shown through over 1800 partner ministries and through digital means in some of the hardest to reach places on earth.

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We rejoice when we hear how Iranians in and outside of Iran are coming to faith in Jesus in large numbers. We also know that we need to add to our faith; goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance and so on, in order to be effective and productive in our knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is what is happening among the new believers right now as they engage in discipleship training through SAFAR, a mentoring program, specifically for new believers who need to grow in their faith. A unique way to meet in pairs and learn and grow together. 

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Every Generation Ministry

EGM exists to help children experience the love of Jesus and have a life-changing relationship with Him. We partner with churches around the world to provide innovative children’s worker development programs and culturally relevant Bible teaching resources. Your gift will help us equip 11,620 children’s workers to directly impact the lives of over 100,000 children with the transforming truth of God’s Word. $15 equips one worker!

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Fiji Kinde Project

The Fiji Kinde Project’s mission is to faithfully initiate Jesus’ ideals by sharing the Gospel, training local teachers, teaching preschool age children and providing educational resources as we develop early childhood education throughout the villages in the Fiji Islands.  With your help, we have established 169 kindergartens, trained over 350 teachers and taught over 3k children.  Through your support, we continue to share God’s love to the children, teachers, families and government officials of Fiji.

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Hanoi International Fellowship – Fizzards

Hanoi International Fellowship: A light to the nations in Hanoi & beyond.” God continues to do more than we can imagine in Hanoi! He has multiplied your support to care for brothers and sisters in the church who have not been able to work due to lockdowns, pay rent or put food on their tables. Even more, your support provided regular food for 100’s of people across the city during our last lockdown. God’s Word is spreading!

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International Justice Mission

Hard to believe but salvery still exists today. Thankfully there are organizations like IJM fighting on the front lines world wide to rescue people from forced labor slavery, sex trafficking and violence against women and children. Grace Fellowship Church partners with the Dominion Republic field office. Right now because of Covid domestic abuse/violence against  women and children is on the rise along with sex trafficking. Help rescue those living in modern day slavery and abuse in the DR. 

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Movements of Grace – Venezuela

In the midst of over 5 million fleeing their homeland of Venezuela due to lack of food and basic resources, MOG is sharing the hope of the Gospel through daily feedings of thousands. 

MOG is expanding its operation of shipments of food from the US to include new food manufacturing opportunities in Colombia that includes converting blemished and misshaped produce into nutritious and delicious freeze dried and dehydrated fruits/vegetables.

Join MOG in serving those affected by the largest current refugee crisis in the world.

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Multiplication Network Ministries

Our vision is to see a healthy church representing the Kingdom of God in every community. Our mission is to equip leaders with the tools to strengthen and multiply healthy churches.  Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) equips local leaders who already understand their culture, language, and social networks, enabling them to share the gospel more effectively.

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Northrise University

Northrise is a Christ-centered university in Zambia where students become leaders in their communities and financial providers for their families. Northrise graduates will change the trajectory of their country…one student at a time. The ONE STUDENT Scholarship Program provides financial support for students to receive a high-quality, Christ-centered education. With your investment of $3600 per year, you can provide one student with full tuition, lodging, and meals. Or, at $2400 per year, you can cover a student’s tuition alone.

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Reach Global – De Blauws

Garrett and Lisa De Blauw are missionaries to Lyon, France commissioned by Grace Fellowship Church. 

As European culture continues a path toward secularization, the De Blauws are actively working to connect churches together, disciple new believers, clothe and house a large Arab immigrant population and reach out to the community through music and Bible studies.

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YWAM – McCalls

Over 2 billion people have not had the opportunity to accept or reject Jesus. We believe everyone has a right to that opportunity. Your giving will go towards training missionaries, musicians, worship leaders, specifically targeted evangelistic ministry, supporting indigenous movements around the world, helping deliver Bibles in newly translated languages, multiplying School of Worship globally, and releasing the Sound of Go (an album)! Our current target nations span from Scandinavia, the Middle East, Asia (SE and Central), Latin America, and the United States. Join us in seeing the Great Commission fulfilled.

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