Womens Studies

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Womens Studies Podcast

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Audio Notes
Job's Wife Teri Gundlach Jan 28, 2015 Play N/A
Esther Esther Sherry Stinehart Jan 21, 2015 Play N/A
Shunamite Woman 2 Kings 4:8-37 Sherry Stinehart Dec 3, 2014 Play N/A
Widow of Zerephath Marilee Schneider Nov 19, 2014 Play N/A
Queen of Sheba Christina- Elam Nov 12, 2014 Play N/A
Hannah Teri Gundlach Nov 5, 2014 Play N/A
Peninnah I Samuel 1:1-8 Arlene Garrett Oct 29, 2014 Play N/A
Rahab Donna Toberty Oct 29, 2014 Play N/A
Miriam Sherry Stinehart Oct 15, 2014 Play N/A
Potiphar's Wife Diane Weissberg Oct 8, 2014 Play N/A
Rebekah Anne Storm Oct 1, 2014 Play N/A
Sarah Women of the Bible Anne Storm Sep 24, 2014 Play N/A
Eve Genesis Sherry Stinehart Sep 17, 2014 Play N/A
Women of the Bible Arlene Garrett Sep 10, 2014 Play N/A
Doxology Lord's Prayer Marilee Schneider Apr 30, 2014 Play N/A
Deliver Us from Evil Matt 6:13 Anne Storm Apr 23, 2014 Play N/A
Lead us not into temptation Matthew 5 Arlene Garrett Apr 9, 2014 Play N/A
Forgive as God Forgave Matthew 6 Anne Storm Apr 2, 2014 Play N/A
Forgive us our Debts Matthew 7 Sherry Stinehart Mar 26, 2014 Play N/A
Hallowed be thy name Diane Weissberg Feb 26, 2014 Play N/A
Who is in Heaven Matthew 6:9 Sherry Stinehart Feb 12, 2014 Play N/A
Retaliation Matthew 5 Sherry Stinehart Jan 29, 2014 Play N/A
Divorce Matthew 5:31 Anne Storm Jan 22, 2014 Play N/A
Salt & Light Matthew 5 Terri Paulick Jan 15, 2014 Play N/A
Peacemakers Matthew 5:9 Sherry Stinehart Nov 13, 2013 Play N/A