Womens Studies

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Womens Studies Podcast

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Audio Notes
Sermon on the Mount - Review Matthew 5-7 All teachers May 1, 2019 Play N/A
Wise & Foolish Matthew 7:24-27 Teri Gundlach Apr 24, 2019 Play N/A
Genuine Faith Matthew 7:13-23 Dayna O'Neill Apr 17, 2019 Play N/A
Good Gifts Matthew 7:7-12 Christina Levasheff Apr 3, 2019 Play N/A
Don't Judge Matthew 7:1-6 Anne Storm Mar 27, 2019 Play N/A
Don't Worry Matthew 6:25-34 Sherry Stinehart Mar 13, 2019 Play N/A
Heavenly Treasures Matthew 6:19-24 Christina Levasheff Mar 6, 2019 Play N/A
To Fast or Not to Fast Matthew 6:9-15 Teri Gundlach Feb 27, 2019 Play N/A
The Lord's Prayer Matthew 6:9-15 Sherry Stinehart Feb 6, 2019 Play N/A
Don't Be a Hypocrite Matthew 6:5-8 Anne Storm Jan 30, 2019 Play N/A
Biblical Authority -Part 2 Brett Kunkle Jan 23, 2019 Play N/A
Uncommon Grace Matthew 5:43-48 Christina Levasheff Nov 28, 2018 Play N/A
A Better Way Matthew 5:38-42 Terry Gundlach Nov 14, 2018 Play N/A
Oaths & Vows Matt 5:33-37 Sherry Stinehart Nov 7, 2018 Play N/A
Marriage Discussion Oct 31, 2018 Play N/A
Radical Purity Matthew 5:27-32 Anne Storm Oct 24, 2018 Play N/A
Jesus and The Law Matthew 5:17-20 Anne Storm Oct 10, 2018 Play N/A
Salt and Light Matthew 5:13-16 Sherry Stinehart Oct 3, 2018 Play N/A
The Beatitudes Matthew 5:13-16 Christina Levasheff Sep 26, 2018 Play N/A
Intro to the Sermon on the Mount Anne Storm Sep 12, 2018 Play N/A
To the Ends of the Earth Acts 28:11-31 Anne Storm May 2, 2018 Play N/A
God's Provision and Protection Acts 27-28 Sherry Stinehart Apr 25, 2018 Play N/A
Our Testimony Acts 25:23-26:32 Teri Gundlach Apr 18, 2018 Play N/A
Being Misunderstood Acts 21-22 Lara Mellama Apr 11, 2018 Play N/A
Leaving A Legacy ACTS 20:13-38 Sheri Stinehart Apr 4, 2018 Play N/A