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Title Scripture Speaker Date Audio Notes
Don't Die Until You're Dead Numbers 13 Ray Ortlund May 28, 2006 Play N/A
Ministry Sunday Glenn Parish May 21, 2006 Play N/A
But I Say to You Matthew 5:21-48 Dave Gundlach May 14, 2006 Play N/A
I Have Come to Fulfill the Law Matthew 5:17-20 Dave Gundlach May 7, 2006 Play N/A
Unpacking Your Bags Michael Anthony Apr 30, 2006 Play N/A
One Has Died For All II Corinthians 5:14-21 Dave Gundlach Apr 23, 2006 Play N/A
The Power of God and the Wisdom of God I Corinthians 1:18-31 Dave Gundlach Apr 16, 2006 Play N/A
Bring the Boy to Me Mark 9:14-23 Daniel Watts Apr 9, 2006 Play N/A
Ambassadors for Christ II Corinthians 5:20 Greg Koukl Apr 2, 2006 Play N/A
You Are the Salt of the Earth Matthew 5:1-16 Dave Gundlach Mar 26, 2006 Play N/A
Blessed Are Those Who Mourn Matthew 5:3-12 Dave Gundlach Mar 19, 2006 Play N/A
Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit Matthew 5:1-6 Dave Gundlach Mar 12, 2006 Play N/A
On Earth As It Is In Heaven Matthew 5-7 Dave Gundlach Mar 5, 2006 Play N/A
Christianity Confronts the Media Gutenberg Staff Feb 26, 2006 Play N/A
Deep Calls to Deep Psalm 42 Scott Carpenter Feb 19, 2006 Play N/A
The Lord's Prayer in Practice Matthew 6:9-13 Todd Pickett Feb 12, 2006 Play N/A
"Here Comes the Kingdom!" Matthew 4:12-25 Dave Gundlach Feb 5, 2006 Play N/A
"If You Are the Son of God" Matthew 4:1-11 Dave Gundlach Jan 29, 2006 Play N/A
"This Is My Beloved Son" Matthew 3-4 Dave Gundlach Jan 22, 2006 Play N/A
Repent! Matthew 3 Dave Gundlach Jan 15, 2006 Play N/A
Who We Are Earle Craig, Jan 8, 2006 Play N/A
Trading Expectations for Hope Glenn Parish Jan 1, 2006 Play N/A
Christmas According to Joseph Matthew 1-2 Dave Gundlach Dec 18, 2005 Play N/A
"King" Herod and the Mage Matthew 2 Dave Gundlach Dec 11, 2005 Play N/A
The Genealogy of Jesus Matthew 1:1-17 Dave Gundlach Dec 4, 2005 Play N/A