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Title Scripture Speaker Date Audio Notes
Make the Most of Every Opportunity Acts 16:11-40 Daniel Watts May 3, 2015 Play Download
They Reigned With Christ Revelation 20:1-10 Dave Gundlach Apr 26, 2015 Play Download
The Rider on the White Horse Revelation 19:11-21 Dave Gundlach Apr 19, 2015 Play Download
Fallen is Babylon! Revelation 17-18 Dave Gundalch Apr 12, 2015 Play Download
Resurrection Life Galatians 2:19-21 Dave Gundlach Apr 5, 2015 Play N/A
How Should Christians Engage the Culture? Acts 17:16-34 Brett Kunkle Mar 29, 2015 Play Download
I Am Not Ashamed Romans 1:16 Mark Page Mar 22, 2015 Not Online Download
Pursuing Justice Philippians 2:5-11 Sean Litton Mar 15, 2015 Play Download
This Calls for Patient Endurance Revelation 13 Dave Gundlach Mar 8, 2015 Play Download
The Great Dragon Was Hurled Down Revelation 12 Dave Gundlach Mar 1, 2015 Play Download
The Temptations of Jesus Luke 4:1-13 Daniel Watts Feb 22, 2015 Play Download
The Prayers of the Saints Revelation 8:1-5 Dave Gundlach Feb 15, 2015 Play Download
Mary Anne Storm Feb 11, 2015 Play N/A
I Will Give Power to my Two Witnesses Revelation 11 Dave Gundlach Feb 8, 2015 Play Download
The Seal of the Living God Revelation 7 Dave Gundlach Feb 1, 2015 Play Download
Walk By The Spirit Galatians 5:13-26 Brian Christie Jan 26, 2015 Play N/A
True and Just Are Your Judgments Revelation 8-9, 16 Dave Gundlach Jan 18, 2015 Play Download
How Long, Sovereign Lord? Revelation 6, 8:1-5 Dave Gundlach Jan 11, 2015 Play Download
His Bride Has Made Herself Ready Revelation 19:1-9 Dave Gundlach Jan 4, 2015 Play Download
Helping Pastors & Churches Survive Numbers: 13 Craig Hill Dec 28, 2014 Play N/A
The Son of Man Came to Serve Matthew 20:20-28 Dave G. Gundlach Dec 21, 2014 Play N/A
I Have Come to Call Sinners Matthew 9:9-13 Dave Gundlach Dec 14, 2014 Play N/A
I Came to Bring a Sword Matthew 10:34-39 Dave Gundlach Dec 7, 2014 Play Download
Thanksgiving Service Psalm 95 Congregational Sharing Dec 1, 2014 Not Online Download
You Are Worthy Revelation 4-5 Dave Gundlach Nov 23, 2014 Play Download