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Title Scripture Speaker Date Audio Notes
Mary Anne Storm Feb 11, 2015 Play N/A
I Will Give Power to my Two Witnesses Revelation 11 Dave Gundlach Feb 8, 2015 Play Download
The Seal of the Living God Revelation 7 Dave Gundlach Feb 1, 2015 Play Download
Walk By The Spirit Galatians 5:13-26 Brian Christie Jan 26, 2015 Play N/A
True and Just Are Your Judgments Revelation 8-9, 16 Dave Gundlach Jan 18, 2015 Play Download
How Long, Sovereign Lord? Revelation 6, 8:1-5 Dave Gundlach Jan 11, 2015 Play Download
His Bride Has Made Herself Ready Revelation 19:1-9 Dave Gundlach Jan 4, 2015 Play Download
Helping Pastors & Churches Survive Numbers: 13 Craig Hill Dec 28, 2014 Play N/A
The Son of Man Came to Serve Matthew 20:20-28 Dave G. Gundlach Dec 21, 2014 Play N/A
I Have Come to Call Sinners Matthew 9:9-13 Dave Gundlach Dec 14, 2014 Play N/A
I Came to Bring a Sword Matthew 10:34-39 Dave Gundlach Dec 7, 2014 Play Download
Thanksgiving Service Psalm 95 Congregational Sharing Dec 1, 2014 Not Online Download
You Are Worthy Revelation 4-5 Dave Gundlach Nov 23, 2014 Play Download
Worthy is the Lamb Revelation 5 Dave Gundlach Nov 16, 2014 Play Download
Holy, Holy, Holy Revelation 4 Dave Gundlach Nov 9, 2014 Play Download
Be Faithful Unto Death Revelation 2:8-11 Dave Gundlach Nov 2, 2014 Play Download
Stand at the Door and Knock Revelatin 3:14-22 Dave Gundlach Oct 26, 2014 Play Download
You Tolerate That Woman Jezebel Revelation 2:18-29 Dave Gundlach Oct 19, 2014 Play Download
Sent Out to Preach the Kingdom 2 Corinthians 4:4, Colossians 2:13-15 Adrian De Visser Oct 12, 2014 Play Download
You Have Lost Your First Love Revelation 2:1-7 Dave Gundlach Oct 5, 2014 Play Download
Who Told You You Were Naked? Geness 3 Daniel Gehman Sep 28, 2014 Play Download
Do Not Be Afraid Revelation 1:9-20 Dave Gundlach Sep 21, 2014 Play Download
A Kingdom and Priests Revelation 1:1-8 Dave Gundlach Sep 14, 2014 Play Download
The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 1:1-9 Dave Gundlach Sep 7, 2014 Play Download
Eternity in Our Hearts Ecclesiastes 3:11 Grant Van Cleve Aug 31, 2014 Not Online Download