Our Worship Service

Worship is a Lifestyle

Two core beliefs guide the way we do things at Grace: a belief in the priesthood of all believers and a belief that worship is a 24/7 response to God’s grace in our lives.

Worship is our lifestyle response to the way God has reached out to each of us in His grace. That response will include being more fully the people He’s created us to be and offering all of who we are for His service. We trust that God brings the unique people He wants to this church in order to shape our community according to His plans. We believe that every member is called to serve in a unique way and that the church body builds itself up in love and knowledge as each individual uses the unique gifts God has given them.

Because of all this, we try to allow ministries and programs to flow out of the unique relationships and gifts of our community. We gather together in various structured and unstructured settings to support each other and grow in spiritual maturity so that we might live our lives worthy of the calling to which God has called us to (Ephesians 4:1).

Weekend Worship Service

Worship Through Teaching

We greatly value expository preaching, seeking to let the truths of Scripture speak to us from within their original Biblical contexts. At the same time, we are always exploring how God is calling us to respond today through any given Biblical passage.

Worship Through Music

Our worship incorporates songs from all ages. We value the rich theology of hymns as well as the intimacy of contemporary choruses, and we simply aim for songs that are both musically compelling and rich in substance. Our worship team plays a diverse style of acoustic music, incorporating guitar, piano, percussion, bass and other instruments.