The Venezuelan Crisis

There has been a silent, growing crisis to the south of us as our brothers and sisters in Venezuela have been without food, medicine, and inflation to almost a million percent. Because of this, Grace Fellowship is inviting everyone into that story to offer relief and hope to those who are hurting. To find out more, please download the article HERE.

Grace is partnering with a local ministry, Giving Children Hope. Sean Lawrence calls Grace Fellowship his home church and is the COO of Giving Children Hope. Ryan and Sean and a handful of others have put together a quarter long focus on Venezuela known as “Movements of Grace.” The idea of this extended focus is to allow as much participation as possible churchwide in a number of different opportunities. We want our church’s heart to grow for this people group that is struggling to survive. A few years ago Sean Lawrence was invited into this story and now we are asking Grace Fellowship to step into the story and faithfully follow Jesus through it.

Below are the dates and activities we hope people of all ages can participate in, involving your time, money and prayer. It means talking about the issues with others, inviting people in and like anything that Jesus asks of us, it involves sacrifice. Join us as we pursue Jesus together through in the context of the Venezuela Crisis.

Movements of Grace Events:

Learn: Hear the Story and Pray. 1/27 at 12:15 (after the second service) 

Learn more about the crisis, hear from a Venezuelan and begin to understand the ways we plan to help. The plan is to meet in the “Living Room” and it may be moved to the Sanctuary depending on the turnout. Light snacks will be provided.

Baby Formula Drive 1/20-3/31

“Newborns in Syria have a better chance of survival than those born in Venezuela today” - Secretary General Luis Almagro, Organization of American States. Please bring to Grace as much dry baby formula that you can get your hands on. The donation bin will be in the foyer.

Experience: A Meal in Solidarity on 2/17

This a fundraiser and a time of prayer. We are asking that you take the cost of a meal out for your family (price depends on the size of your family and where you like to eat) and donate it to the cause. In return, you will get a OneMeal packet to have for dinner that night. As you prepare the One Meal and serve it to your family, realize that this is a GREAT meal for those who have been starving. They are forever grateful for this meal. As you eat the meal, talk about the situation with your family and pray for those that will be receiving the 50,000+ meals that Grace will be packing on March 16th. Also, pray for friends/coworkers you want to invite to the packing party on the 16th so that more people can help bring food to the hungry.

How it works:   There will be a table out on the patio on the 17th.  You'll pick up a OneMeal packet for dinner and donate a check made out to GFC (for whatever your "going out to eat meal cost") or you can give online by donating on our site and choosing Mission Trips as the giving type and typing "OneMeal" in the memo.  Show the receipt from your online donation and you'll be able to pick up the OneMeal.  With the meal, you'll be given instructions on how to make the meal, dinner conversation starters and prayer points.

Serve: OneMeal Packing Event 3/16 from 9am-11am

Participate with 200 others as we prepare a highly rich meal for our friends from Venezuela. OneMeal is a protein-rich fortified meal blend containing red lentils, rice, six dehydrated vegetables and PhytoBlend, a plant-sourced vitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient complex from the M5M Foundation. The nutrient-rich OneMeal recipe is designed to reverse the starvation process and its effects.
Each food package contains six servings. Each package is prepared in less than 20 minutes by adding it to boiling water. One box contains 36 packages and feeds 216 children. One pallet contains 66 boxes with 2,376 packages and feeds 14,256 children! We hope to put together over 50,000 meals together. Visit the One Meal Site HERE.
The cost is .25 per meal, and an adult can make 200-250 meals an hour. We are collecting money for the meals and ask that when you sign up, you give a minimum of $50 per teenager or adult and $20 per child participating.

Prayer and Container Sendoff (TBA)

You are invited up to the Giving Children Hope warehouse in Anaheim to see the daily operation and pray over the send-off of the container of food before it heads down to Columbia. More info to come.

Serve: Colombia Mission Trip 3/31 - 4/6

Join a group of Grace heading down to Cali, Colombia to work with Venezuelan refugees to offer them food and hope. The trip is $800 plus airfare. Learn more HERE.  Sign up HERE.

As always, you can learn more by contacting Ryan Zeulner or Sean Lawrence.

rzeulner@gracefellowshipchurch or