Movements of Grace

Fiji Kinde Project - Building a Christian faith from the ground up.

Ann and David Cooper founded Fiji Kinde Project as a non-profit in 2008. Ann is a former Mariner’s Christian school kindergarten teacher with a passion for early childhood education.  Ann and David have always considered Grace Fellowship their home church.

As of 2018, Fiji Kinde Project has established 168 Christ based kindegartens across the country of Fiji. They train local village leaders to become teachers to help shepherd their young ones so that they will be fit to survive the school system. Before FKP a child entered into the first grade never holding a crayon, or learning their ABC’s, which put they behind in school their whole life.

They partner with the local and national governments of Fiji. The Ministry of Education and Fiji Kinde Project work alongside each other to ensure the best quality of education in early childhood development for the children of Fiji. All our teachers and their village register with the Ministry of Education. Therefore, the commitment and standards of our program is safeguarded. Part of the program is to do followup with the teachers. They restock them and the kinde classes with school supplies, more curriculum, and library books. Futhermore, FKJ does frequent workshops for the teachers to continue their education in teacher training. A classroom costs approximately $2,500 to startup and run for a year.

The Children of Grace have learned about Fiji Kinde through the recent Mission Immersion Day and through their Remember & Celebrate time where David Cooper came in and personally shared his experience. Moving forward, our focus comes down to two things, collecting supplies for the 168 classrooms and going down in July of 2020 on a mission trip.

The supplies will be collected until September 1st and an extensive list will be in the link below:

The Supply List

The Mission Trip