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There are very few ministries that continue to bear fruit year after year. Hume Lake Christian Camp, for 74 years has been doing just that. Thousands of kids (and adults) come up every year and make decisions for Christ. This year, with Covid-19, Hume has had to cancel all Summer camps due to Covid-19 California restrictions. Although they have pivoted by opening up the campsite to families and doing online camps, it won’t cover the income loss. Hume has done everything they could by limiting expenses, furloughed some full time staff and didn’t hire their usual 500 summer staff. Summer income is almost 85% of their yearly budget, but they still find themselves with a huge shortfall, so this is where you can come in. This is a request to donate to the Hume Lake Relief fund so they can continue to have exponential influence year after year. Below are educational links that paint more of the story as well as offer opportunities for you and your family.

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Grace Fellowship’s last year’s photo gallery at camp:

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Below are some testimonials from people associated with Grace Fellowship Church:

There is no other place that has more significantly impacted my perspective on gospel ministry than Hume Lake. Hume is a place where I know the gospel will be preached every week, and young people (and adults) will be called to a public response. It may sound old school but the call to “stand up if tonight you decided to follow Jesus” is powerful. That does not happen everywhere, but it happens every week at every camp at Hume Lake.   It was at Hume that I heard God’s voice calling me to a lifetime of ministry, and It feels like every week I come across a pastor or colleague who has the same story: “God called me to serve Him at Hume Lake.”  God continues to speak in a special way at Hume even today. I don’t know if there has been any one single organization that has impacted the church in Southern California more thoroughly by calling youth and adults to give their lives over to Jesus.  

If you have the resources to give at this time, you can be assured that changed lives will be the result of your gift to Hume Lake Christian Camps.

– Craig Hill, Lead Pastor, Taft Ave Community Church; and Professor of New Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary

I spent a few summers as a counselor with Grace Fellowship at Hume and I worked at Hume for a few summers. God used Hume Lake to impact my walk with the Lord in many ways. It is where I learned what it means to serve, to step out boldly in my faith and to work diligently. The opportunity for high school students to attend Hume Lake Christian Camps can be the stepping stone into an eternity with Jesus Christ. It is a place where I have seen people go from death to life, where I have seen anxiety turn to peace because of the surpassing knowledge of knowing Jesus. As a staff member I had the opportunity to see students come week after week and be impacted by the gospel, because of this my faith grew. 

– Ainsley Henderson, Cru Missionary Montenegro

I was sitting by Hume Lake last night when a family started telling me about how much they love Hume Lake and how much God had done in the man’s life while a camper at Hume. His name was Justin and he continued on to say He had been a counselor 7 x’s already and how he had  seen God doing some amazing work in the kids lives as well. 

This story is oh so familiar up at Hume but never gets old and just reminds me of why Hume is such a crucial part of so many peoples spiritual journeys in getting closer and becoming more like Christ.

-Lara Mellema, Grace Fellowship Mom of 4 whose license plate reads “HUMEluv”

Four generations of the Humphrey Family have been attending Hume Lake Camps and Conferences since my husband, Tom and his siblings with their parents, went to Hume for a Family Camp in the summer of the late 1940’s.  Tom attended several summer camps when he was a teenager. 

Our family has greatly benefited from Hume’s spiritual influence.  All three of our children went to all of the camps – beginning with Wagon Train (elementary age), continuing at Meadow Ranch (middle school), and High School Camps. Tom and I believe that God has a plan for Hume and that there are more lives to be won for Christ through the summer camps.  We are standing with the Hume leaders in prayer that God will provide the funds to continue this amazing ministry.  Please join us in praying and giving to save Hume Lake Christian Camps. 

-Jean Humphreys, Grace Fellowship Mom/Grandmother and year round Hume Advocate

I came into camp with so many doubts about the Lord, both fundamental and obscure. However, throughout the week all fears and doubts I once had were destroyed and I felt the warm embrace of God I had nearly forgotten.

With God, I am loved and I’m not alone, which before this week I believed I was. Rededicating my life to God, I am now fulfilled. There is no longer a pseudo joy claiming my heart. My approval is no longer in the world, but in God. Although finding hidden waterfalls or swimming across the lake is fun, nothing can ever compare to the reconnect with God I found this week.

-Frankie Galuppo, Overflow Student