Prayer is beyond question the highest activity of the human soul. Man is at his greatest and highest when he comes face to face with God.  -- Martin Lloyd-Jones                                                                                                                        

God is with us and so we seek to live our lives in conscious communion with our Heavenly Father. We believe as Christians that prayer is not simply relegated to specific times and places but is a general posture of the heart where everything we see and experience is lived in deep awareness of and surrender to the Living God.

Prayer Requests

Our prayer team would love to pray for you. Submit a prayer request below and our prayer team coordinator will send it to our prayer team via email. While our prayer team will use discretion, if for any reason, you would like your identity to remain unknown, please mention that in your request, as we cannot guarantee confidentially through email.

Email Prayer Request

Sunday Morning Prayer Team

On Sundays after each service people are available to pray with you in our prayer room located just outside the sanctuary through the north exit doors.

Get Involved

Pastoral Counseling & Referrals

For short-term counseling from a Biblical perspective, we are here for you. We also have excellent professional counseling referrals that we can provide upon request.


Meals Ministry

Sometimes not having to prepare a meal for you or your family couldn't be a better gift! For moms who are recently home from giving birth, or for families who are consumed with dealing with serious health concerns in the family, we are here to help.  Our meals ministry provides short-term prepared meals when the going gets tough. Bon Appetit! 


Benevolence Ministry

For qualified applicants within our church family, we often can provide one-time financial assistance for those in need. Please contact us to discuss your need and how we might be able to help as your church family.