We are the Youth of Grace Fellowship Church. Our prayer, is that by being a part of our church family, our youth would be filled with God's goodness, love, truth and grace and they would see their life in Christ OVERFLOW into every aspect of their lives!

We aim to provide spiritual guidance as we invite them and guide them into deep and resilient discipleship to Jesus. Our hope is that that they would grow in their knowledge and love of God while developing habits and practices to continue to grow in maturity as they transition from "Youth" to Christian adulthood. By the time our youth graduate High School, we hope for them to develop:
Ultimately, parenting is by far the most formative factor in inviting youth into Christian adulthood, and yet, having a strong support system to compliment that work is how we see our role.

JUNIOR HIGH (6th-8th)

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HIGH SCHOOL (9th-12th)

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