We believe that being invested in a small group of believers who are committed to growing together in Christ is crucial to the maturing of our faith. We see this pattern of relational, small-group discipleship practiced throughout the New Testament. Jesus’ own ministry reflected this pattern as he chose a small group of twelve men to walk through life with, using every means and every opportunity to “build them up” in the faith.

In light of this, while we value Sunday morning sermons and services, we believe that authentic discipleship happens best in the context of small group ministries, where we share our lives together, study God’s Word together, and use our unique gifts to encourage one another in Christ. We encourage all church members to be active in these small group ministries as an important part of the discipleship process.

Registration for 2020 Spring Session will open on January 1st - 19th. The Spring session begins the last week of January 2020.

Home Groups - Fall 2020 Session will meet on various nights of the week for 15 weeks beginning the week of September 8th and ending the last week of January 2021. Registration for the Fall Session opens in June and will close on September 14th.

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