Frequently Asked Questions

How did Grace get its Start?

In 1981, three men with their families got together to start a Bible centered home church in Costa Mesa, California. As the church family grew, meetings took place in a few local elementary schools for a number of years before moving to our current facility on Red Hill Ave. in 1993.

Though many things have changed over the years, we are still committed to centering our lives and ministry around the Word of God as we seek to follow Him wherever and however he chooses to lead us.

What’s your Style of Preaching?

Above all, we want to approach and teach the Bible with great respect, care and accuracy. Because of this, we greatly value expository preaching. While we may occasionally teach topically, as much as possible, we seek to let the truths of Scripture speak to us from within their original Biblical contexts. We are always seeking the meaning of a passage within its original context, and we are always exploring the significance of that passage for our lives today.

What’s your View of Worship?

We believe that worship involves ‘bowing all of who we are before all of who God is.’ That is, worship is far more than what happens on Sunday mornings; it is a 24/7 lifestyle response to God’s grace in our lives. It involves surrendering to Him daily and gratefully offering up all that we are and all that we have to be used in service to Him.

What’s your Style of Worship?

Rather than choose between traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs, we use a blended worship that includes songs from all ages. Regardless of when a song was written, we try to find songs that are musically compelling and rich in substance. We believe there is great value in hymns with their rich theology and high view of God, as well as in contemporary choruses with their intimate and emotional focus. Our worship team plays a diverse style of acoustic music, incorporating guitar, piano, percussion, bass and other instruments.

Why Don’t You Pass An Offering Plate?

We encourage our members to give financially, not out of compulsion, but out of a heart of gratitude, and we trust God to meet our financial needs as he sees fit. We believe that the way we think about and manage our financial resources is indicative of our devotion to God and His kingdom. Therefore, as part of our overall worship to Him, our financial generosity is an important response to God’s grace in our lives.

What Else Should I Know About Grace?

At Grace we don’t view success in ministry in ways that are common to the world. Our focus is to seek to be faithful to God’s calling for us and leave the results to Him. We don’t focus on how many programs we’re running or concern ourselves on growth, for growth’s sake. We place a high value on healthy leadership and work hard at cultivating a leadership team and culture that is faithful, transparent and sustainable. We spend a lot of time just being together, walking through the Scriptures together, and walking through the challenges of our lives together. We have found that this creates a healthy environment where people feel free to discover who God is and who He has created them to be.