The Bridge

Bridge the gap between attending and belonging. Four afternoons of meals and conversations, all in the comfort of a home with Pastors Mark, Dave, Christina and Ryan. The first meal is completely catered; the remaining three partially catered and partially "potluck" where each guest is asked to bring something to help us create the corporate meal.

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The Nix’s House on the Back Bay
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This is the greatest place to meet new people, meet the Pastors, enjoy great food and learn more about the church and how to grow in Christ.

Every Sunday afternoon starting the second Sunday of March.

// Week 1:  Introduction: Lunch, Fellowship and Panel

// Week 2:  History and Values of Grace Fellowship Church

// Week 3:  Trellis And Vine -  Opportunities to Grow.

// Week 4:  Belonging - Commitments to each other and Conclusion

TIME: 12:30pm- 2:30pm

LOCATION: The Nix, an email the week before will go out with the address.

NO CHILDCARE PROVIDED, but if you have kids and babysitting is an issue, please let us know. 

QUESTIONS: email Ryan at

The first meal is catered; the remaining three are potluck "bar style” Sign-ups for the food occur on the first night.  We encourage you to make all 3, but if you have to miss for a vacation or business please let us know.  After Week 2, we will "close the group" if you are joining us late, please join us next time around.