One Meal Packing Party

One Meal is the best way to help deliver a low cost, nutricious meal to those that are hungry.  Grace and Giving Children Hope are coming together to put 50,000 plus meals together to send down to the Venezuelan people.  And we need your help!  This is a family friendly event that will be just under two hours.  We are going to get a lot accomplished in those two hours!

Registration Info

Grace Fellowship Church

* The price of each meal is .25 and we need to cover the cost of the 50,000plus meals we are aiming to pack. Choose “Guest” if funds are an issue or you have been invited.
Mar 16, 2019 @ 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Jan 18 - Mar 16, 2019

On March 16th at 9am, we hope to have 200+ people out in the parking lot and courtyard of Grace Fellowship Church to pack as many meals as we can in an hour and a half.  This is an "All Play" and we want everyone to come whether you are 4 or 94.  There will be music, there will be instructions and a lot of food packing. This is a perfect opportunity to bring friends!  In order to pack 50,000 meals we need $12,500 (.25/meal) but we want as many people to come and participate so we created a “guest” spot for your neighbors and friends.  If you are able to pay, please pay and if you can’t, please sign up as a guest.


Here is a church in Aliso Viejo doing a packing event:

Here is the OneMeal promo video that shows the effect on the ground:

Included here is a downloadable article on the Venezuelan Crisis and a generic brochure for OneMeal. The OneMeal recipe has been specially formulated to meet the developmental needs of children affected by malnutrition and is an excellent source of protein, carbohydrates and key nutrients that are culturally acceptable worldwide. All meals will be sent to help Venezuelans.


This is all part of the Movement of Grace, The Venezuelan Crisis.