Meal of Solidarity

You can skip going out to eat one night and make a huge difference in hundreds of lives.  Imagine that!

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This a fundraiser and a time of prayer.

We are asking that you take the cost of a meal out for your family (price depends on the size of your family and where you like to eat) and donate it to the cause. In return, you will get a One Meal packet to have for dinner that night. As you prepare the One Meal and serve it to your family, realize that this is a GREAT meal for those who have been starving. They are forever grateful for this meal. As you eat the meal, talk about the situation with your family and pray for those that will be receiving the 50,000+ meals that Grace will be packing on March 16th.


How it works:   There will be a table out on the patio on the 17th.  You'll pick up a OneMeal packet for dinner and donate a check made out to GFC (for whatever your "going out to eat meal cost") or you can give online by donating on our site and choosing Mission Trips as the giving type and typing "OneMeal" in the memo.  Show the receipt from your online donation and you'll be able to pick up the OneMeal.  With the meal, you'll be given instructions on how to make the meal, dinner conversation starters and prayer points.


Also, pray for friends/coworkers you want to invite to the packing party on the 16th so that more people can help bring food to the hungry.  You will pay for the meal in person via check to GFC or you can make a donation online (designate Colombia Mission Trip in the drop-down menu) and then pick up the meal on the patio.