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Home Groups will meet on various nights of the week throughout the school year beginning the week of September 20th. Registration will close on September 20th. 



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Home Groups
Various homes
Aug 27 - Sep 20, 2015

Home groups are a core part of our community at Grace.  We believe that being invested in a small group of believers who are committed to growing together in Christ is crucial to the maturing of our faith.  We see this pattern of relational, small-group discipleship practiced throughout the New Testament. 


Jesus’ final command to his disciples was to “make disciples of all nations” by “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you (Mt 28:18-20).”   Notice that his command is not merely to make “converts” who know some facts about Jesus, but rather to make “disciples” (committed followers) who are continually learning how to trust Jesus, walk with him, grow in him, and live in obedience by God’s grace to all that he commanded.  


As we follow Jesus’ own pattern of making disciples, we see that his strategy went beyond large group, class-room settings to more intimate relational settings.  Within his larger group of disciples, Jesus chose a small group of twelve men, and his discipleship involved extended periods of teaching, interactive discussions, and “on the job” ministry training.  Not only did He teach His disciples; he prayed with them, counseled them, ministered side-by-side with them, sometimes rebuked and other times encouraged them, and sought by every means and in every opportunity to “build them up” in the faith.  


After Jesus’ resurrection and ascension into heaven, we see that His disciples followed the same pattern of ministry.  The early church’s ministry was marked by a well-rounded approach to ministry, including teaching, fellowship, sharing meals, praying together, and worshipping both publically (in the Temple) and in more intimate house settings (Acts 2:44-46).  Rather than depending solely upon “professional ministers,” the early church understood that every believer was given gifts for ministry, and only as every member exercised his or her gifts with a goal of building up other believers did the Church experience the growth (spiritually and numerically) that God intended (Eph. 4:11-16).


In light of this, while we value Sunday morning sermons and services, we believe that authentic discipleship can only be fully achieved in the context of small group ministries, where we share our lives together, study God’s Word together, and use our unique gifts to encourage one another in Christ.   We encourage all church members to be active in these small group ministries as an important part of the discipleship process.