D-Group Sign Ups

D-Group (discipleship group) is an amazing opportunity to go deeper in your faith as we explore the foundational practices of prayer, fasting, silence & solitude, scripture, service, and giving. As Christians, we are called to a deeper discipleship to Jesus as we follow his life and example. During our meetings, we will be exploring and learning about various practices of Jesus that were modeled for us in scripture. In the month following a meeting, we will apply that particular practice to our life. 

Registration Info

Jr High
3170 Red Hill Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Oct 13, 2019 @ 12:30 PM - Apr 19, 2020 @ 12:30 PM

1. PRAYER | 
2. FASTING | A willing abstinence from food for a period of time in hopes of feeding the spirit, spending time in prayer, and practicing solidarity with the poor.
3. SILENCE & SOLITUDE | A simply way for us as followers of Jesus to focus our heart and mind of God and his guidance by makins space to pause and be with him.
5. GIVING | As followers of Jesus, our life is not our own. God has graciously given us all things in Jesus and we now have the privilege to extend God's blessings to others.
6. REMEMBERING & CELEBRATING | Looking back and thanking God for all his work done in us and through us.

September 1st | D-Group Registration Opens
October 6th | D-Group Registration Closes
Sun, October 13th | 12:30p-2:00p | Scripture
Sun, November 10th | 12:30p-2:00p | Prayer
Sun, December 8th | 12:30p-2:00p | Giving
Sun, February 9th | 12:30p-2:00p | Silence & Solitude
Sun, March 8th | 12:30p-2:00p | Fasting
Sun, April 19th | 12:30p-2:00p | Remember & Celebrate