Biblical Immersive Experience

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High School
Salt Lake City, UT
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TRIP DATES:  July 8-July 17, 2020

TEXT GROUP: Text UTAH20 to 56316 for updates and ETAs during the trip

DESCRIPTION:  In Utah, we will have opportunities to dialogue with people of the Mormon faith. At the Salt Lake City Temple. At BYU. Or while serving in the community. You will be challenged to know what you believe and why you believe it. Between the trainings and trip itself, this Biblical Immersive Experience will deepen your knowledge of God and His Word like nothing else. The hope and goal is that this knowledge will ultimately deepen your relationship with Christ and give you a love for people who need Christ.




Cost: $850 ($50 non-refundable deposit is all that is required to register)

*If the trip is postponed due to COVID-19, all payments will be refunded. 

Cost Includes: 
- Merchandise: MAVEN Shirt
- Misc. Trip Expenses  (program supplies, journals, etc.)
4 Trained Leaders
- Trainings

*If you have specific questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Does this cost feel overwhelming?

1. Support Raise 
If you and your family decide you would like to Support Raise the balance of your trip, we would love to give you practical tools and help you with that! Please be sure you answer "Yes" to the mandatory question while registering. 

2. Work Program:
Work for 5 hours at Grace Fellowship Church to earn $50 trip credit. ($10 credit for each hour worked)
*Fill out the scholarship form above and email to schedule your hours.

3. Payment Plan:
Make monthly payments for up to 4 month before the trip! ($50 deposit still required to secure spot)
*To fill out and submit your payment plan request by April 2nd, CLICK HERE.

When will final balances charge? 
Your final balance will charged on June 24th
*If you have any questions please contact Jessica Murrietta at (714-549-8599 or

Required Liability Release Form:
2020 Grace Fellowship Church Liability Forms (due July 2nd, 2020): CLICK HERE


     - Payment Plan Forms Due: April 2nd

     - Final Balances Charged: June 24th

     - Liability Forms Due: July 2nd



Q: What should I pack? 
Great question! Check out the packing list HERE

QWhat are my financial/payment options?
A: Support Raising, Payment Plan, or Work Program. Please see more in depth details above in Finances section.

Q: How do we receive updates while my student is gone?
A: During Check-In you will receive an Emergency Card with the Pastor & Associate’s cell phone numbers. Also on this Emergency Card, you will find a Text Code. Through this Text Messaging System you will receive daily updates about what your student is doing during their trip. You MUST opt in to this System, or you will not receive the updates. 

Q: What happens if my child has to cancel, do I get a refund?
A: In our Cancelation Policy, we outline in our Cancelation Procedures. You are responsible for your child's entire cost for their spot immediately upon registering for the trip. ALL deposits are always non-refundable and non-transferable. You can view the detailed cancellation policy & exceptions HERE.