2018 Forest Home GUYS Registration

4th & 5th Graders of Children's Ministry, please join us at Forest Home's 2018 Winter Camp. Come for a weekend of fun, fellowship, and Jesus! This weekend will consist of awesome group games, free time, chapel time and maybe even SNOW! 

Welcome to the 2018 GUYS REGISTRATION PAGE! Please double check that you are on the correct page before continuing registration. 


Registration Info

Forest Home Christian Camps | Forest Falls, CA
No upcoming dates or times


Where: Forest Home Christian Camps | Forest Falls, CA

When: January 5th-7th, 2018

    Depart: January 5th @ 1pm

    Return: January 7th @ 4pm

Cost Includes:

-  Housing

- Transporation

- Leadership Costs

- Lunch (on the way home)

- Longsleeve T-shirt

Payment Info: 

We understand that finances for camp can be a challenge. We do not want this to be the only reason why you cant go! Here are some options to help alleviate the cost:

1. Payment Plan: f you are interested in our our Payment Plan, please email Gina at gcarpenter@gracefellowshipchurch.org for an application and details on monthly payments.

2. Scholarships: If you are interested in our scholarship program, please email Nicholle at nfrei@gracefellowshipchurch.org for an application.

CHILDREN'S MINISTRY - Cancellation Policy - (PLEASE READ) 

In the event that you cannot attend a trip or event and need to cancel, please keep in mind the following:

  •You may transfer your spot to another immediate family member only; who’s not already registered.

  •If we can fill your spot from our Children's Ministry waiting list you have two options: 1. We can send you a refund check in the mail for the remaining amount after the deposit. 2. You may     contribute your refund towards the Children's Ministry Scholarship Fund.

  •If there is no waiting list there is no possibility of any type of refund.

  •Due to Forest Home's Cancellation Policy we cannot offer refunds after December 22, 2017.

For any questions regarding this trip please email Nicholle at nfrei@gracefellowshipchurch.org or please feel free to visit the Forest Home Website at https://www.foresthome.org/event-series/childrens-winter-camp/