11th Grade BOYS | Small Group Sign Ups

OVERFLOW Small Groups take place on Wednesday's from 7:00p-9:00p at Grace Fellowship Church. Small Groups are determined by a student's grade and gender. 

Our desire is for students to grow deeper together in prayerfulness and to develop a passion and understanding for God's Word in Small Groups. By allotting an hour for discussion, students are given the space to honestly seek truth together in God's Word.  

Registration Info

High School
3170 Red Hill Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Aug 1 - Dec 28, 2019

Wednesday Night Overview
7:00p-7:30p | Game/Connect Time
7:30p-7:40p | Intro to Discussion
7:40p-8:40p | Small Group Discussion
8:40p-9:00p | Worship 

What is Discussion?
We define discussion as two or more people seeking Truth together. For that reason, God's Word (the Bible) is the focal point of our discussion time. To ensure a safe evironment to seek truth together, students are encouraged to abide by four simple Discussion Guidelines.

Discussion Guidelines
1. Be Who You Are
2. Say What You Think
3. Love One Another
4. Talk About The Same Thing

Why Small Group Sign Ups?
Sign ups help manage the size of each Small Group so that students have the best opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and for Small Group Leaders to better come alongside them in their discipleship to Jesus. For any questions please take a look at our FAQ page.

Small Group Splits
Our hope is that each student is in a Small Group of 10 or less students with one Small Group leader for the best opportunity to participate, learn, grow, and be known. If a group has more than 10 students we will begin the process of finding an additional, qualified leader and splitting the group. In the event of a small group split, we will take into prayerful consideration feedback from leaders and students. We cannot guarantee each request will be met and we ask that each student/parent approach splits with flexibility, trust, and understanding. 

Small Group Discipline
Our goal is that Small Groups would be a safe place for students to connect with God and each other. If we feel that one of any student is doing anything to inhibit this from happening (being distracting, disrespectful, etc.), we will give them one warning in group. If the behavior persists, we will send them outside the small group room for a few minutes. Any time this happens, we will give that same student a hug at the end of the night and explain to them why they were sent out. Additionally, sending a student out will always be followed by a phone call to their parents the next day to explain what happened. Our hope is to partner with parents as we seek to guide our students to maturity in Christ.