TLF Work Day

Gather around Teen Leadership Foundation and their foster youth as a small group or individual looking to make a difference.  On March 18th, teams will gather to work on various projects around The Launch Pad, TLF's transitional living apartment community.  With a paint brush or a broom, you can make this place look and feel more like home for those that have not experienced the true meaning of home.

Registration Info

The Launch Pad, 2039 Pomona Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
No upcoming dates or times

Please sign up as early as Grace (and other churches) are looking to gather 100 people.  If you have a particular skill you'd like to add please fill it out in the sign ups below.  We will meet and coordinate the day of, so you can learn more about Teen Leadership and The Launch Pad.  Projects include painting, cleaning, gardening, organizing. This is a great way for your home group to serve the community.

9am - noon, Satruday March 18th.

Any questions please contact Ryan at rzeulner@gracefellowshipchurch, or Bianca at

To learn more about Teen Leadership Foundation click HERE.

PARKING: We have an arrangement with Smart and Final:  707 W 19th St, Costa Mesa

They allow our volunteers to park on the side of their parking lot (closest to Pomona Ave.)


To get everything done, we need about 150 people.  So, honestly, the more the merrier.

If you can't join us, no worries, please join our cause by downloading our app, following Teen Leadership Foundation on social media and/or DONATING ONLINE (link) for supplies.

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THANK YOU, for the services you have already given to us and we hope to see you again..!