Student Leadership Conference

You have been chosen as one of the twenty students invited to the Student Leadership Conference held at Azusa Pacific University. The Student Leadership Conderence is put on by Download Youth Ministries and the goal is to equip Student Leaders to serve their peers, families, sports teams, and church communities. 

You were chosen because Chad or Jessica have seen leadership qualities and characteristics in you and want to help you develop and implement them as you continue to learn and grow throughout high school. 


Where: Azusa Pacific University 

Time: 2:00p Monday-5:00p Wednesday 

Where You're Staying: The group will be staying at a hotel in Azusa, CA to make the commute easier to the conference and back

Cost: Your $99 covers the cost of the conference, Grace Fellowship Church believes in developing and discipling leaders so they graciously have underwritten the food and lodging for this trip


The Student Leadership Conference is Monday June 26-Wednesday June 28 and is through invite only. 

Registration Info

High School
Azusa Pacific University
No upcoming dates or times

At the heart of SLC we hope students leave as servant leaders; who go and serve in their local church. Biblical leadership is about genuinely caring for the people God entrusts to us and it starts with learning to serve needs with love. When high school students understand this concept and look closely at their leadership style and abilities they begin to look for opportunities to serve. We have all heard the statistic about students graduating from their faith, but if you look closely you will see high school students who are serving are more likely to find and get involved in a church when they go away to college. It starts with servant leadership.