Serve OC 2017

Serve OC is our three-day local mission trip around Orange County from October 20th-22nd, 2017. We will be spending our time on the trip praying over Orange County, working alongside three different organizations, and partnering with another church. The goal of this trip is to change the way in which we view our home. 

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High School
Orange County, CA
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The Serve OC team will be volunteering for Trellis and helping with their homeless outreach. We will also be working with Mika Community Development Corporation and spending some time at a nursing home. We will be focusing a lot on prayer over the trip and developing a new lens in which we view Orange County as a place to serve.



Q: Where will you be staying?

A: We will be staying at The Launchpad (2039 Pomona Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627). The Launchpad is a housing facility for young men and women who have aged out of the foster system and have been a part of Teen Leadership Foundation. We will be sleeping in their multipurpose room.


Q: What does the cost of the trip cover?

A: The trip cost covers all transportation, meals, a t-shirt, a trip journal, and donations for the organizations that we will be partnering with.


Q: Is my student allowed to bring their cell phone? Am I allowed to contact my student throughout the week?

A: We do not allow students to bring any electronics for any reason on trips. When you drop your students off the morning we leave, we will give you a list of emergency numbers and leader cell phone numbers. This is a great opportunity for your student to unplug from distractions.

Q: What if my child has/needs medication while on the trip?

A: We will collect all medications during Check-In. When you turn medications in, you will need to fill out a Medication Release Form informing us at what time, and the quantity of medications your student’s needs to receive.


Q: What are my financial/payment options?

A: We have 3 different options to help you pay for Serve OC. The first (1) is a Payment Plan. With the Payment Plan you are able to spread the cost of the trip out over 1-6 months, depending on how much you are wanting to finance. Second (2) is our Work Program. Work Program allows your student to come into the OVERFLOW Office and work off $50 of their trip cost. You must fill out the Work Program request form, which they can get from the OVERFLOW Staff. Third (3) is Scholarship. Scholarships allow your student to receive the trip at half price. If your student applies for Scholarship and gets approved, they MUST do Work Program. 


Q: How can I receive updates while my student is gone?

A: During Check-In you will receive an Emergency Card with the Pastor & Associate’s cell phone numbers. Also on this Emergency Card, you will find a Text Code. Through this Text Messaging System you will receive daily updates about what your student is doing during their trip. You MUST opt in to this System, or you will not receive the updates. 


QWhat happens if the Trip fills up?

A: Don’t worry-we have a waiting list! There will be a Waiting List for every trip that does not require an application. The Waiting List is first come first serve based on sign up and student cancelations. You can usually find these Waiting Lists online


Q: What happens if my student has to cancel, do I get a refund?

A: In our Cancelation Policy, we outline in our Cancelation Procedures that funds will only be refunded if your child’s spot can be filled with another student from the Waiting List. ALL deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Q: When are Scholarship Applications due?

A: Scholarships Applications are due 2 months before the trip. This allows us to best partner with you and your student.



Cancelation Policy

If you cannot attend our Serve OC Mission Trip and need to cancel, please keep in mind the following: 


ï Deposits are always non-refundable and non-transferable.

ï Your final balance for Serve OC will be due upfront when you register. 

ï If our church incurs any non-refundable expenses for Serve OC prior to your final balance being charged and you cancel, you will be responsible for covering whatever cost the church incurred for you to attend this trip. 


Exceptions: If there is a waiting list and someone from that list is able to fill your spot you will then have the following options:

ï The church can send you a refund check in the mail for the remaining amount after the deposit. 

ï You may contribute your refund towards the Mission Team’s General Fund.

ï If there is not a waiting list, unfortunately there will be no possibility of a refund as the church has already allocated funds for your participation



If you have any questions regarding our Cancelation Policy, please call our youth offices at (714) 549-8599 ext. 7.