Girls Summer Small Group

What: You will meet at Kean Coffee and discuss the assigned Chapter and devotions from "Nothing to Prove" by Jennie Allen. Your $30 covers your coffee and book! 

When: Thursday July 6 & 27, August 3 & 24

Where: Kean Coffee

Time: 3pm-5pm

Registration Info

High School
Kean Coffee
No upcoming dates or times

No More Pretending.

No More Performing.

No More Fighting to Prove Yourself.

Are you tired, inside and out? Are you overwhelmed with choices and expectations and pressures, trying your best to measure up–yet you still feel as if you're losing ground and missing out on the best parts of your life?

You are not alone.

Jennie Allen understands the daily struggle so many of us face with inadequacy and insecurity. We often find ourselves paralyzed by the belief that we are not good enough, talented enough, or spiritual enough to do what we are supposed to do in life. And she invites us into a different experience, one in which our souls are content and epic dreams unfold through our lives. In Nothing to Prove, she calls us to…

As you wade into the refreshing truth of the more­-than-­enough life Jesus offers, you’ll experience the joyous freedom that comes to those who are determined to discover what God can do through a soul completely in love with Him.